Med Ball Seal Toss

We all want to move well and accurately right? Moving our bodies in space with accuracy, efficiency and grace is something we all love to do. In movement science this is called having good proprioception, often times also known as hand-eye coordination. But proprioception refers to having good awareness of your whole body and its parts while moving through space. It becomes more and more important to train movement in this way as we get older. This little exercise is great for maintaining and increasing good proprioception. You can make it a focus of a workout or what I enjoy doing often is to throw it into another series of exercises as a fun “break” that lets you recover actively.

Make sure you have a little space around you in case you drop the ball, and room for your mat if you are using one. Stand with your feet hip wider than hip width apart, arms extended out to one side palms up, holding the medicine ball in one hand. Bend your hips, knees and ankles to a squat position. Straighten your hips, knees, and ankles while tossing the medicine ball up and over to the other hand. Catch the ball and as you do, squat again. Repeat on the other side. Set a timer for :30 seconds to 1:00 minute, put on your favorite workout beats and have some fun!

  • Duration

    1:00 – 2:00 Minutes

  • Intensity


  • Equipment

    Mat needed, can also use foam roller, Pilates ring, Pilates ball

  • Muscle Groups

    Shoulders, biceps, core