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Janie Newman, a group fitness client of Beyond Fitness

Keeping a healthy routine of physical activity has improved my mood. It is helping me maintain a healthy diet, sleep better, and stay in shape. Plus watching Michele online makes me feel more connected to my classmates. Michele is a positive and upbeat teacher who always has a smile, which is so needed with this pandemic. I am so grateful for her tremendous effort and time she puts into each and every class she is teaching online!

Change Your Body, Change Your LIfe

Embrace the vitality of movement, for within it lies the key to optimal health and boundless joy. To embark on this transformative journey and ensure sustained improvement, you deserve more than just a coach – you deserve an experienced, dynamic guide who ignites the best in you day after day.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of exercise, a seasoned athlete, a devoted mother, or part of a dynamic duo with your daughter, I am here to meet you precisely where you are in life. You possess a reservoir of resilience that may surprise even you.

In the realm where fitness becomes a delightful fusion of enjoyment, accessibility, and functionality, you unlock a path to enduring results. Together, we’ll forge habits that intertwine exercise and nutrition tailored to your unique goals. Drawing from years of successful collaborations with a diverse spectrum of students facing various challenges, each session is a testament to the wisdom gained from these experiences.

Let the journey toward wellness and joy be an inspiration in itself. You are more capable and resilient than you can imagine. Step into the transformative power of movement, and let’s sculpt a future where health and happiness converge seamlessly.

With unwavering belief in your potential,

Michele Vaughan M. S. CSCS

Let’s go down the path together Beyond Fitness!

More Happy Clients and Students

Cynthia Chiarappa, a group fitness client of Beyond Fitness

What an incredible support you have been to me, always positive and steady, never critical. You have helped transform my body and make me strong… Much love!

A female personal training client of Beyond Fitness

Michele, I speak of you often to many about how much I admire you, how you are a person with grit, tenacity, and an incredible spirit of perseverance and vision. 

Tessa McGrue, a group fitness client of Beyond Fitness

Thank you for your encouragement and guidance, Michele, and thank you for sharing five days with me! What a great group! Thank you for your inspiration, motivation, and willingness to share your commitment to fitness with us! It was just the jump start I needed!

Tessa McGrue, a personal training client of Beyond Fitness

Thank you for your encouragement and guidance Michele! …for sharing five days with me and for your inspiration, motivation, and willingness to share your commitment to fitness with us! It was just the jump start I needed!

Special Message From Michele

Discovering the power within simplicity is paramount in our complex and often stressful world.

Your influence over your body, mind, and health is far more significant than you might comprehend. The potential for change lies within our grasp, and though altering unhealthy habits may take time, it is entirely possible. Together, we’ll craft a personalized approach that not only provides guidance and accountability but also instills sustainable lifestyle choices. This way, you can venture forth and embrace the life you’ve always envisioned – your best life!

Unleash the potential within you and let simplicity be the guiding force towards a healthier, more fulfilling existence.

Embark on the journey to your best self,

Michele Vaughan M. S. CSCS

Michele Vaughan, creator of Beyond Fitness, providing fun, effective group and personal fitness

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