Correcting common weight loss mistakes: Journaling for healthy diet goals, getting better sleep, eating nutrient rich foods and more.

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Walking is the simplest and most accessible form of exercise available to us. Humans have been doing it for centuries and our bodies and minds thrive when we walk more.

There’s nothing wrong with using a turn of the year to motivate change. Whether health and fitness is already part of everyday life for you or not, you can restart and reset any time!

Music has the power to improve your moods

Music has the ability to affect our moods, change how we perceive the world, inspire us to move and be more positive.

Woman seen through a window sits on a tree trunk, looking into the distance.

Being stuck inside for a long time weakens our heart, lungs, muscles and brain function, affecting us even after the pandemic is over.

Strong, fit woman wearing a tank top standing in exercise room

A few ways we can adapt to the current constraints and stay as fit and healthy as possible, starting with setting up your home workout space, and exercising inside when there is poor air quality.

Fit woman doing exercise in a tank top with boxing gloves in a punching position

Exercise immediately boosts immune response and starts your immune system on a search and destroy mission for pathogens

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These simple habits will help your body burn more calories and fat every single day and have a huge impact on your overall health!

Here’s a few simple things you can do (or stop doing) to boost your immune system and stay healthy and happy in challenging times.

In times of stress and uncertainty, finding simple things we can control is vital. Your body, mind, and health are three areas you have a great deal of control over, perhaps even more than you realize.