Cancellation Policy


All cancellations require a twenty four (24) hour notice by either party. In the event that twenty four (24) hour notice is not given by the CLIENT, the CLIENT will be charged the full amount of the scheduled appointment. No exceptions will be made to this clause.


All CLIENTS should arrive, or be prepared, on time for a scheduled appointment. In the event that a CLIENT is late, the TRAINER will wait for one-half of the amount of time of the scheduled appointment. After this period of time, the TRAINER is free from obligation and the client will be charged the full amount of the scheduled appointment. In the event that the TRAINER is late for more than one-half the scheduled appointment, and the client chooses to wait, the remainder of that workout will be at no charge to the CLIENT. In addition, a complimentary session of the same duration as the original session will be extended.

Expiration and Refund policies

A package of ten(10) sessions, when purchased in advance, expires after a two(2) month period, if not all ten(10) sessions have been used, the remaining will not be CREDITED nor REFUNDED. A package of twenty-four (24) sessions expires after a three month period. Packages purchased as a gift for individuals will expire after six (6) months from date of purchase. Advanced purchases of sessions will only be credited in the case of extenuating circumstances, such as illness or injury. In no cases will there be refunds; only crediting towards future appointment sessions apply.