Now that you have conquered your initial goals with Dr. Johnson, take the next step to keep improving your health and wellness. 

Have you:

  • Lost mobility or balance?
  • Confidence or self-esteem?
  • Become concerned about osteoporosis?
  • Put on extra body fat from being less active?
  • Stopped activities that you enjoy, such as playing with your grandchildren, going on hikes, riding bikes, or traveling?
  • Do you stay at home for fear of not being able to participate in group activities?

Work with San Francisco Otolaryngology Medical Group partner and certified exercise professional Michele Vaughan to keep improving your balance, core, and muscular strength.

I can help you get these precious gifts back into your life with only 20-30 minutes a day. Set up a 15 minute consultation with me to discuss the best plan of action for you.

Michele Vaughan, creator of Beyond Fitness, providing fun, effective group and personal fitness

I help men and women improve the quality of their lives with a gentle and manageable path to strength and balance.”